Her 1st Year Birthday Celebration

Her 1st Year Birthday Celebration

Brunei Footie Team Won HBT 2012

Sunday. 11th March 2012

Football is the latest craze in Brunei. Bruneian teams has grown so much better as years gone by. Im sure everybody knows about DPMM FC won the Singapore league cup 2 years ago. Just yesterday, another Brunei's young team for under 21 years old won the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy Cup 2012. The match was against Indonesia. It was an interesting match, where Brunei began to really made their move in the second half. I saw the match via live streaming on the RTB website. Congratulations Brunei! I hope that our football teams will keep on improving :) Go DPMM FC and Young Tebuans!!

Family Reunion :)

Friday, 9th March 2012

Today, I will be receiving a very special guests all the way from Brunei, baby Rania and Daddy. This is going to be my daughter's visit after leaving Australia for good in July 2011. Welcome back to Brisbane dear Princess. She's going to be here for the next 2 weeks. We will be spending the time shopping, sightseeing and visits to the hospital where she stayed before. We are going to have so much fun together! Will update you on her activties here in Brisbane :)

On the way to the Brunei International airport...

While in transit in Singapore :)

Happy Birthday Daddy

Monday, 5th March 2012

Today is a special day for Daddy Rania. It is his 28th birthday. I didnt get to celebrate our birthday together this year because I am still currently studying overseas. But the best thing though, both Daddy and Baby Rania is coming over for a visit this weekend. My birthday is coming soon too, so we can celebrate them together. Yeay!

Transit in Singapore

Friday, 29th February 2012

Last month, I went back to Brisbane via Singapore Airlines transit at Singapore. It was time for me to go back to Brisbane to continue my work. It was a nice trip home though before I have transit time of 6 hours and thus, I have time to go outside to explore Singapore. I went to the Tampines Shopping Area, which is only about 10 to 15 minutes by train from the Airport. This area has got 3 big shopping malls and contains many famous brands like Skechers, Igloo, Faceshops etc. I had a great time, I wish my daughter and husband are with me to do shopping with me!

Movie Time: Adnan Sempit 2

Thursday, 23rd February 2012

Hubby and I recently watched a movie sequel to Adnan Sempit. We went to the Mall Cinemaplex and went for the earliest show of the day. Because it is a public holiday we expect the cinema to be quite full house if we go a bit later. Overall, we really enjoyed the movie. It is as funny as the first one. I wonder if there is more sequel? Hmm.. maybe not. But there are more interesting movies coming up. One most awaited is the continuation to Resident Evil and the Avengers.

Love Books

Monday, 20th February 2012

My little princess Rania really loves books. We tried to expose her to reading since she was still young. Her Aunts and Grannies always bought books for her. Nowadays, she likes to choose a book and asked us to read it aloud for her. She loves looking at the pictures most of the time. And also, her latest favourtie book is Hensel and Gretel.

Reading on her car (Taken by Wawa Miah)

Syrian Tudong Style

Friday, 17th February 2012

We went to the Mall Gadong today with Baby Rania, Grandpa and Wawa Miah. She loved it there because of the wide space on the ground floor, where she can walk around freely. We stopped by at at Tudong shop and saw a pretty purple Syrian style tudong. Thanks to Grandma and Wawa for buying this tudong for her. She seemed to like it maybe because it is very light and easy to wear. What do you think?

Enjoy the Summer :)

Her Favourite Toy

Monday, 6th February 2012

Hello everyone! Schools has started for almost a month now, I hope that everyone is doing great! Just want to share a latest video taken at home in Brunei, by my family. I'm still in Brisbane, pursuing my dreams :) This video explains everything that she can do so far. She is now walking stably and able to understand our instruction well. Even though she don't really say the words, but she does understand them. But she can say simple words like mama, ball, babah (malay word for daddy), etc. Rania is also getting much taller than before, but we still need to work hard on increasing her current weight. She is currently 8kg.

Durian Season

Sunday, 15th January 2012

Its that time of the year again! Durian season. For those who doesn't know what durian is, it is actually a type of fruit which has hard with lots of sharp thorns on them. But when you open inside, the fruits itself can be yellow, orange or reddish. Yum! The fruits came out pretty late this year compared to last year, I think due to bad weather where these fruits are being grown. Temburong district is where most of the nice sweet ones can be obtained. But it is quite far to go over to just have a quick bite. The best place to go is the night market at Gadong. Usually, the cost gets cheaper as time goes. I guess I'll wait for that moment to come, then I can buy more!

Consumer Fair 2012

Thursday, 9th January 2012

Sponge Bob show.. Rania was a bit scared of him actually :p

Met Kaka Syasya and Family
1 dollar ride - green dragon

Sea world :)

Welcome Back DPMM FC

Friday, 16 December 2011

I just heard great news that Brunei's national football team, DPMM FC will be back in action next year! They missed the whole year of football matches last year due to some issues, which I believed now has been resolved! Yeay! I will not be able to watch the matches though because I am still studying here in Australia. But I will continously give them moral support from here. I am sure DPMM FC have a lot of fans on Facebook, that will keep me updated all the time! I have a couple of photos that I took in some of the matches that I went 2 years ago. 2 years ago DPMM FC became champion of the S-League 2009, hubby and I manage to catch a photo with the trophy and one of the player too, Sairol Sahari. Good Luck DPMM FC! I hope you will do well in the upcoming Singapore League! We will support you all the way.

With the official handbook of DPMM FC
Team Photo
With the S League Cup and one of the player, Sairol Sahari
In the middle of the match :)

My Princess in Tudong

Sunday, 11th December 2011

Today Rania became a young tudong model. My family back home sent me photos of her in various types of tudong style. Its really funny how she seemed like posing to the camera too.

Happy Feet

Thursday, 8th December 2011

In just two days, Rania able to take more and more steps. I guess she was getting excited on the idea of walking on her own. She is now brave enough to let go and walk on her own. She can do about 9 steps the most! Keep training Princess! Most of the walking traning came from Daddy Rania and Uncle Alwis. who is very patient to teach her to hold her hands around while practicing to walk!

First Step Ever

Tuesday, 6th December 2011

Today, Rania had another great achievement! She took her first step ever! Yeay! I was really excited to be able to see it with my own eyes too. Really proud of her! I didnt manage to take any video, because it happened so fast! But I know she was trying really hard for it and she did it finally!

Baby Walker Expert

Saturday, 3rd December 2011

As for us. we decide not to let her use the sitting type of baby walker, as her physiotherapist advice because its not good for premature baby like her. But we are encourage to train her to use the standing form of baby walker too.

We were just trying to see whether she is able to walk using the baby walker (the walking type, not the sitting type). I was so surprised that she actually did it! My whole family was very excited about it. It was so funny, the first time she tried it, she was smiling at us and went really really fast! This is a good sign! Yeay!

Feeling Under the Weather

Monday, 28th November 2011

Rania was unwell for almost a week. We were getting worried that she was unable to take much in any fluids and solids foods too. She got a bit of temperature too, we decided to take her to the Jerudong Park Medical Center for a check up. The doctor decide that she needs to be hospitalized in order to monitor her condition. She was given nasal oxygen to help her feed and sleep better. I was really worried about her too that I have decide to come back to Brunei to see her then.

She was improving slowly for the next couple of days and she was let off oxygen after a week on it again. And went home the next day. So glad that she has started to take foods slowly too. I hope that she will gain back her weight that she lost while she was sick. My family said when toddler are sick at this age, they probably have 'something' that there are learning to do that they will be able to do, like walking or growing teeth etc. Yes indeed, she has a lot of teeth including molar ones at the back! Walking? Slowly getting there, she is able to stand without holding anything for a few seconds.

Walking Skills

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

As of today, Rania is now 1 year 4 weeks old corrected age. Our little has made a lot of progress in intelectually and also physical movement. She now understand basic instruction like asking for food to eat by saying 'mum' and called her Uncle as 'Ngangah' (which means uncle in Malay). Below are some interesting videos of her! Enjoy them!

Our Hari Raya Styles

Monday, 5th September 2011

This year Eid is very special for me and my husband, because we have our lovely daughter to celebrate with. One thing I really wanted to do is to wear same colour of Baju Kurong and Baju Melayu for my husband. Took photos of the various Hari Raya collections that we have this year. All of it are my favourite, I especially love seeing my daughter in Baju Kurong. She doesn't complain at all, she looks comfortable and can sleep in it. All of these clothes that we wore were custom-made from different places of tailor shops. Sadly, today is my last here in Brunei to celebrate eid with my family. I really dont want to go, but my work is calling me! Planning to come back during a long break in December, my daughter probably able to walk too around that time.

First Day of Eid

Second Day of Eid

Third Day of Eid

Selamat Hari Raya

Wednesday, 31st August 2011


Today was another exciting day for our family. After a whole month of fasting, it was time for the moon-sighting for the Eid celebration. After so many years, this year the moon was sighted! Eid thus falls on the 1st of September 2011. This year is a very special her for us because it will be the first time for our Princess Rania to celebrate Eid with us! Can't wait to dress her up in pretty Baju Kurong (traditional dress for Bruneian girls or ladies). Before I go, we would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Sea Treasures

Wednesday, 31st August 2011

Today me and my husband brought Rania to the water village to see her other grandma there. She was very brave today and looked like she enjoyed the bumpy boat ride. It was also a bonus for her to see the various kind of 'sea treasures'! I'm not talking about gold or diamonds, I'm talking about interesting seafood that we can eat! I myself personally love prawns and some types of fish. My father in-law just got back from fishing somewhere in the Brunei sea and brought back a lot of prawns for him to sell. It was a very productive caught too! Before he sell them at the fish market, he would seperate them based on their sizes because the price would be different. Income from selling different kinds of seafood is very good too. When Rania grow up, I hope she will be hardworking like both of Grandpas and able to stand on her own. When you work hard, you'll earn more and live happilly. Just a simple saying but means a lot!

Sleep time

Tuesday, 30th August 2011

Take a look at Rania during her sleeping time! Which one is your favourite? :)

Halal chicken and beef for Rania

Thursday, 25th August 2011

Today was our last day to shop before we go back to Brunei for Eid tonight! Yeay! It was also means our last day to do last minute shopping too! One of our main aim was to get yummy baby foods for princess Rania. We went to Woolworth to look for some and we found some interesting baby food types. We found one which has halal label on their package too. Some of them contains contains mashed chicken cooked with tomato sauce pasta, yummy shepherd pies which has lamb in it! We were so lucky to have found these for Princess Rania to try out. Aparently, you wont be able to find this brand back in Brunei. So we have to stock up lots!

We are trying to give her more meaty food to help her gain more weight. Her last weighing was actually close to 7 kilos. But babies at her age right now, should be weighing about 8 kilos. But her paediatric said there was nothing to worry about because she started small and also she is an Asian baby. Despite that, we still hope that she could gain a little bit more weight so that she looks more chubby and healthier baby.

First Year Confirmation Talk

Monday, 21st August 2011

Today I gave a very important presentation as part of my PhD. It is my confirmation seminar so that I can enter into my 2nd year of PhD. The aim of this presentation was to show that I understand what my research is all about and also know what my plans are for my whole PhD. As part of this, I also have to send in 40 pages literature review of my PhD project. I was very nervous but I think it went fine. I got a lot of feedback on my review on how to improve. The next plan was for me to write up in greater details my actual projects experiments that I need to do and show this to the committee in November. That will be a good practice for me to improve on my writing and literature reading skills too.